Power Sweeping

Our engineers are fully qualified, certified chimney sweeps and offer a professional, clean and conscientious service.

We use Hot Rods Rotary Power Chimney Sweeping equipment, the best quality system available in the UK. Our tools include a Torpedo Brush Head, Rod-Set and HEPA Filter Vacuum for power sweeping wood burning stove flues quickly and efficiently.

Hot Rods Rotary Power Sweeping is much more effective than traditional push/pull brushing. All cleaning is done from inside the home, increasing safety and speeding the chimney sweeping process.

Rotary Power Chimney sweeping

CCTV Chimney Surveys

CCTV surveys and inspections check the inside of the flue revealing its condition for complete peace of mind.

Our colour CCTV cameras are passed up and down the flue to give a highly accurate picture of any problems that may be present. Depending on the findings the CCTV survey can be complemented by power sweeping the chimney, leaving it clean and safe for your enjoyment.

All CCTV survey and inspections are recorded on your Certificate of Completion.

CCTV Surveys enable us to:

  • Identify the flue dimensions

  • View any flue blockages or restrictions (e.g: birds nests)

  • Check for damage which may have occurred following chimney fires, subsidence or wear over time

Smoke Tests

We use smoke tests to determine if a chimney is leaking soot or smoke. 

We carry out smoke testing to homes across Kent, Get in touch if you would like us to test yours.

“Make a clean sweep: Chimney maintenance is essential for a happy, healthy hearth”

If you are unsure about the condition of your chimney, or if you’re putting your chimney to use after a long period of being unused, we recommend having it smoke tested. Smoke tests need to be carried out by a qualified person. The purpose of smoke testing is to identify any faults which could cause fumes to escape during the normal operation of your stove or open fire and chimney. Closing the top and bottom of the chimney during the smoke test generates positive pressure in the flue. This forces the smoke, which is generated by a pellet, to escape through any gaps in the joints or connections that may be present in your chimney. 

Minor leaks detected in this test would not be a major risk when using your stove or fire in normal operating conditions, providing the point of leakage does not indicate a fault that could worsen. If significant heavy smoke is seen, the cause must be investigated and rectified before your stove or fire can be used. Broken components, incorrect fitting and incomplete flue liners are the most common problems which cause major leakage and require attention.

Efficient wood burning stove with a clean chimney

Smoke Testing will:

  • Identify cracks and leaks in the chimney flue, revealing whether harmful gasses and Carbon Monoxide (Co) are leaking into your home

  • Check the chimney safety

  • Reliably measure the efficiency of the flue

  • Check the chimney's up-draught as it may be badly affected by a leaking flue

  • Reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire

Why is Carbon Monoxide so dangerous?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is produced when fuels that contain carbon (such as coal, gasoline, wood, charcoal, kerosene and natural gas) do not burn completely.

Breathing in carbon monoxide fumes damages your body by decreasing the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. Overtime, the shortage of oxygen can cause cells to die and vital organs—such as your heart and brain—to shut down. Pregnant women, unborn babies, infants, children and the elderly are all especially vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can read more about the effects of Carbon Monoxide here.

A clean chimney reduces risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

A good preventative measure is regularly power sweeping your chimney with an annual service.

Combined with a Carbon Monoxide alarm, it is the best way to protect you and your loved ones from this silent killer. If you have any questions or queries about carbon monoxide poisoning or are concerned about your chimney, please contact us.

We also supply Carbon Monoxide Testers

Blockage removal and Birds nests

If you suspect there are birds roosting in your chimney…

We investigate the cause of the blockage and, once determined, take the necessary steps to remove any nests discovered for you. First all loose material at the bottom of the flue is removed. The nest is then broken up using a small hard brush or a metal nest removal tool. The size of the brush is increased until the nest is completely removed and a full power sweeping service of the chimney is performed. A smoke draw test is performed at the end of the procedure to ensure maximum efficiency.

Other services we provide;

  • Chimney Guards

  • Chimney Cowls