Why choose Ash Chimney Sweeps?

First of all, we are professional, experienced Master Chimney Sweeps who are highly qualified to provide you with an excellent no mess, no fuss guarantee, Chimney Sweep service. 

Furthermore, we are fully covered under our own public liability insurance and have the full backing of a national Trade Association for professional Chimney Sweeps. We focus our service around our customer’s ever changing needs, making good our promise to deliver only phenomenal results for all our clients. As a result you can be assured of a ‘Grade A’ service, and a no mess, no fuss guarantee every time we visit.

All of our services are certified with the issue of a recognised Chimney Sweep Academy certificate. 


We are fully covered under our own Public Liability Insurance and we have been fully trained.

Chimney sweep certificate of completion
Chimney Sweeps Academy
axa insurance approved

We Guarantee

that we issue an insurance approved certificate on completion of every sweep.

We Guarantee

that we are fully covered under our own Public Liability Insurance and all of our employees have been fully trained.

We Guarantee

we use all the latest equipment and height technology in rotary power sweeping.

We Guarantee

to leave your home clean.

No mess, No fuss

Professional and experienced

Highly Qualified Chimney Sweeping Services and Insurance Approved

We have the full backing of a national Trade Association for professional Chimney Sweeps

Able to use and issue Chimney Sweep Academy certificates for works completed.